Its not often that manufacturers go to lengths to customise their card. Most of the time the really insane versions are best left for companies like Galaxy, ASUS and EVGA to muck with while the other third-party manufacturers make do with OC versions and extravagant coolers. That’s with the exception of Sapphire, who recently unveiled this gorgeous Radeon HD7970 Toxic Edition, complete with 6GB of GDDR5 RAM straight out of the box. Hit the jump for more info. 

What Sapphire’s done here is take the HD7970 Ghz Edition which I showed you to about a month ago. While that particular card is still delayed for whatever reason, Sapphire went ahead with their own version, not content with playing on the same field with the other kiddies in the playground. The card uses their proprietary Vapor-X cooler and features 6GB of DDR5 RAM clocked at 6Ghz, matching the extremely impressive Nvidia Geforce GTX680. Clock speeds of the core are sitting at 1050Mhz, with the card boosting up to 1100Mhz using the card’s new implementation of PowerTune and GPU Boost to match the performance of its rival.

What makes the card different is the VRM system Sapphire will build into it. Called the Lethal Power Suite, it promises more control over the card right down to a granular level, using a superior 8-phase power design for the GPU, complete with better and more stable black diamond chokes on a 12-layer circuit board. The Vapor-X cooler gets upgraded to four heatpipes and two high-airflow 90mm fans. There’s also a temperature LED on the back of the card, displaying the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit – that’s sure to become useful for overclockers and worry-warts who constantly check the temperatures of the their components.

Sapphire rates the card for smooth operation with overclocks as high as 1.2Ghz for the core and 6.4Ghz for the memory thanks to the revised PowerTune software. The card will be available in limited quantities starting yesterday and will also feature a factory number, letting you know where it came  in the production line. Pricing isn’t set, but the current HD7970 3GB model with the Vapor-X cooler retails for a solid R5000-odd.

Also, another thing to note. Overclockers Club got their hands on one and released their review yesterday. The HD7970 Toxic edition from Sapphire is now the world’s fastest single graphics card in production today. Don’t believe me? Read the review.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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