Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows 8 will now launch on the 26th of October this year, giving consumers three months to try out the Release Preview to see if they like it and enough time for third-party vendors to finish the final touches on their new devices running the OS. You’ll still be able to buy Windows 7 for some time, although no confirmation of when the cut-off date for sales of the outgoing OS will be enforced.

I detailed the Windows 8 upgrade paths for you, dear reader, earlier in the month so have a look back to see if you’re going to be doing an upgrade install or a clean one. For what its worth, Microsoft is offering Windows 8 upgrades at the super-low price of $39.99 (approx R330) which allows for upgrades to either Windows 8 or 8 Pro, depending on the OS version you’re coming from. That’s for the online installer, however offline installers will be available on DVD for order at $69.99 (approx R580) which is still dirt cheap. Additionally, if you’re buying a new computer, you can upgrade to a qualifying Windows 8 version for the low price of $15 (approx R130), which will be good news to interested consumers looking for a good deal.

Note that Windows 8 Pro allows downgrade rights to Windows 7 Professional, so if you get the upgrade deal, you’re actually getting two OSes in one!

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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