Remember the Core i7-3960X that Neo spoke so highly of when reviewing the i7-3930K? Well, on the LGA2011 platform the highest-SKU chip you can buy currently is still the i7-3960X but have no fear if you were looking for an upgrade. Intel has confirmed that the i7-3970X is on the way, boasting defaul clock speeds of 3.5Ghz, a Turbo Boost limit of 4.00Ghz, 15MB of L3 cache, six cores with Hyper-threading and an unlocked multiplier. The only way this chip could be better is if it was delivered straight to your door by your favourite celebrity in a skimpy outfit while driving in a Lamborghini Gallardo Strofeo. Pricing isn’t set, but if you’ve got around R10,000 burning a hole in your pocket for an upgrade to your X79 rig, then perhaps this is it.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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