Its not everyday that a newcomer enters the SSD market and most of those newcomers have either come up with some rather good stuff and been bought out, or are still sticking out their necks in local markets, choosing not to compete on a worldwide scale. Since MSI already has an established lineup of hardware components, cool gadgets and computers including an excellent gaming laptop lineup, it obviously presumed that the next logical step was storage, starting with its new SSD series.

UPDATE: MSI has gone on record to state they will not be selling the Reflex series in Europe because of greater market interest in the states and elsewhere in the world. That means we may or may not be able to get one and would have to look at importing it, just like locals who have had to import Crucial SSDs because of an “apparent” lack of market interest.

The Reflex series will be one of the few families in the SSD market to bundle a 3.5″ drive adapter with the drive, differentiating their offering for desktop buyers looking for a bargain. MSI is said to be concentrating on three capacities, starting at 60GB and working their way up to 120GB and 240GB. looking at the IOPs and MTBF stats its almost a given that there are driven by Sandforce controllers with 32nm NAND modules of the MLC variety. These would work best as boot drives, with the 60GB possibly finding some place as a cache drive in some rigs.

I didn’t expect this from MSI but going by how much many pies the company already has their fingers in, its not that surprising. No pricing or availability has been mentioned for the new drive series, but expect something more concrete from the company in the next few months leading up to Windows 8. So now we’ll have two fanboy camps – those guys who try to build a computer exclusively out of Gigabyte parts, and those who will now try with the MSI brand! (yes, those people do exist)

Source: Inside Industry News

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