A German consumer advocacy group by the name of The Federation of Consumer Organizations is targeting Diablo III due to the game’s always-online DRM requirements. According to the advocacy group, many German players are still experiencing problems with the Diablo III servers and as such the group has given Blizzard until 27 July to respond to customers’ complaints.

This same group also recently gave Blizzard until 20 July to repackage Diablo III in Germany. The new packaging had to state clearly the game’s online requirements. All copies of Diablo III already do this, but we’re guessing the advocacy group wanted big red stickers stuck all over the box or something.

If Blizzard does not respond to the Federation of Consumer Organizations’ requests by this week Friday, then the advocacy group will continue to pursue the developer in court. Just over a month ago, South Korean authorities forced Blizzard into giving Diablo III players their money back due to server issues that prevented people from playing the game.

Source: The Verge

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