NAG Magazine: August 2012 Issue

YOU! You look 100% interested in what it is we have on display here, because you’re a human of refined taste. You can smell Potential OMG from half a world away. And your thereby discerning nostrils have brought you to the right place, as there is most certainly OMG within this here post. Four scrumptious varieties of it.

If we’ve successfully pocketed your intrigue, then take the leap of faith into the candy-filled chasm below. In other words, click that there “read more” button with all of your clicking hand’s might.


A-ha! We knew you couldn’t resist. Because you know what’s better than one magazine cover? Four magazine covers. And you know what’s better than four magazine covers? Four magazine covers depicting your shootin’-an’-lootin’ heroes from Borderlands 2. And you know what’s better than four magazine covers depicting your shootin’-an’-lootin’ heroes from Borderlands 2? Nothing. Except maybe finding forgotten coins accidentally fumbled under your car seat, because they’re made of pure elation. They’re also the root to all riches, and we’re all about the loot.

Anyway! We are gathered here today to celebrate a previews section packed with a gajillion close looks into a bunch of games we spotted at E3 that you should be paying attention to. SimCity, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Company of Heroes 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Watch Dogs, Resident Evil 6 and more – we stare at them intensely before writing words that deliver piles of knowledge directly to your brain’s doorstep.

Elsewhere, a feature anxiously tacks “MISSING!” posters to bulletin boards and lampposts everywhere, anxiously imploring any info you have on high-profile games that disappeared in the midst of E3’s extravaganza. COMPUTEX Taipei 2012 makes us sad that our beloved hardware doesn’t magically upgrade itself with every new generation via DLC packs, or something.

Lest we get lost in the future, let’s get back to the present for a bit with our reviews section, excitedly offering you advice on where to spend those hard-earned moneys you may or may not have. Spec Ops: The Line is the most important game you’ll likely ignore this year, you heartless video game criminal you. Quantum Conundrum puzzles us minus portals. Gravity Rush puzzles us in general. And Remington Super Slam Hunting: Africa shows all the tact and subtlety of that drunk uncle your parents refuse to invite to dinner parties anymore after what happened with that abandoned baby seal and the vat of lard.


Hardwares! We have many of them! We take an in-depth look at why you should be foaming at the mouth for the Wii U and strap ultrabooks to high-powered rockets just to see what happens. We actually don’t do the latter, but we do put Dell’s XPS 13 through its paces. Samsung’s Galaxy S III might actually be smarter than all the humans ever, and many Bothans died to bring you the schematics of our motherboard and GPU reviews.

Finally, we’ve the reason you’re all here: Borderlands 2. We’ve played it, and we’d like to tell you about it in this magazine we do.

BONUS! This month, as promised, sees the addition of our E3 supplement, jammed full of so much upcoming gaming info that we’re worried there might actually be too much of it. Seriously. Wade through its innards for some insight into all the games we saw at E3 that we feel you should never let escape your watchful gaze. Also, there’s a roller coaster, and we eat food that tastes like America.

Scroll below to gaze upon your four covers (click for bigger), and we promise that nobody will judge you if you consider buying all four. Well, we won’t at least. We’ll think you’re awesome. And not at all crazy. Following the four, you’ll spot the contents PDF. To those who hate paper and everything it represents, stay tuned for our Zinio digital release. You’ll get all four covers, as well as the E3 supplement.

UPDATE: Please note that the August issue will only be on shelf in East London and Mthatha on Tuesday 31 July. For all other areas delivery is on schedule for this Thursday, the 26th of July.

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