We already knew that Company of Heroes 2 is going to be set on the eastern fronts of World War II. We also already knew that the enivornment would have an impact on how you do things, with snow drifts melting or turning to slush under tank treads and marching soldiers. But what we didn’t know is that with environmental influences comes temperature, and your soldiers are going to freeze their little Russian backsides off.

Relic has developed a temperature system for Company of Heroes 2, which they’ve dubbed the ColdTech System. During World War II, the battles that took place on Russia’s western borders took place on the coldest battlefields of the war, with temperatures dropping to as low as -40 degrees.

The ColdTech system probably has some neat tech underneath it all, but for you it really means one thing: if you don’t keep your troops warm, they’re going to die. To prevent this, you’ll need to keep men near fires or garrisoned in buildings when they’re not fighting the enemy or moving around the battlefield. It’s going to add an interesting dynamic, that’s for sure. Man, when I think about the amount of time my units stand idle in most RTS games… Actually, that probably explains why I’m so terrible at StarCraft II.

Source: Kotaku

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