HIS has a low-profile HD7750 for HTPC enthusiasts

So if you’re buying a HTPC chassis and wondering which graphics card to shove in, look no further than this little critter from HIS. Normally low-profile cards are only seen in the very low-end market, being enough to drive Blu-Ray and 3D playback for most TVs and applications. Sadly though, many of these cards have crippled performance and aren’t even strong enough to play games at 720p resolution with medium details.

HIS plans to change that with its offering and might just steal market share away from any Geforce GT630 or GT640 cards that may become low-profile in the future. More details after the break. 

The HD7750 you see before you is a reference 800Mhz version, meaning that it runs off the power provided by the motherboard without a PCI-Express connector. This does mean, however, that the most you’d ever be able to overclock it to is 880Mhz seeing as there’s very little headroom left with the card taking up almost 65w of power. Thankfully the RAM hasn’t been downgraded and runs at GDDR5 speeds of 4.5Ghz on a 128-bit interface, enough to give some much-needed muscle to games and high-definition movies with 3D playback.

Due to the smaller size and thermal constraints, HIS bundles the card with its iCooler heatsink and twin 40mm fans, rated for 28db under load. In reality that’s pretty quiet and easily cools down the power-sipping card. The card also features a dual-link DVI port, one HDMI 1.4a-out and a VGA port. Whether all three will allow for an Eyefinity setup for more productivity is yet to be determined, since even HIS’ press release on the card talks about Displayports being on the card, when in the pictures they’re nowhere to be found. Blame some idiot translator or a copy-pasta noob for that one then.

HIS says that retail availability of the card should start in Europe today with other EMEA regions receiving stock in due time. Considering that I haven’t seen HIS cards available locally for some time, it might be a good idea to look at importing one if you need a low-profile card that could allow your HTPC to play games as well.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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