Lian Li has been on a flurry of new chassis releases these past two months and today there’s another one that I spied while roaming on the great, green grassy planes beneath the candy mountain that is the Internet. The PC-B12 is designed to bring a little less niose to your computing experience and a bigger hole to your bank account. But it does so while looking really, really good.

And really big, too. More info and pictures after the jump. 

The biggest change to the design language seen in the PC-B12 is that there are no front vent grilles to be seen. The entire front facia of the chassis is a single piece of aluminium, with the front fans pulling in air from the bottom of the chassis. The inside of the PC-B12 is masive with support for eATX motherboards, the longest graphics cards you can imagine at 36cm and up to four hard drives in the drive cage at the bottom. You can fit in more, but you’ll need one of the separately available drive cages installed to do it.

The PC-B12 sits on very sturdy feet that have been engineered to reduce vibrations from the chassis being translated to your desk. The two included 140mm fans are of the low-speed variety, with a 120mm fan at the rear. To the rear of the case is an interesting design decision in the form of a baffle, allowing you to direct airflow from the exhaust fan away in a direction that’s convenient to you and the environment (up is even an option). The bottom-placed PSU also receives its own vents, keeping it from disrupting airflow inside the chassis.

There’s also an abundance of sound-dampening material in the side doors keeping vibrations and the whir of fans low. While the outside of the chassis is brushed matte aluminium in black, the inside is Lian Li’s traditional naked aluminium with rounded edges to prevent cuts and scratches while you’re carefully placing your hardware inside.

Lian Li says the PC-B12 should be available by August in the US and Canada, with the rest of the world to soon follow. Pricing is set at a RRP of $169 (approx R1500). If you were looking for something better than Cooler Master’s Silencio CM650, look no further than this.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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