The fourth expansion pack for World of Warcraft will be arriving on 25 September 2012. Mists of Pandaria sees the discovery of the island of Pandaria after a naval battle between the Alliance and Horde. The expansion adds the new playable Pandaran race as well as a new monk class.

Blizzard is offering both physical and digital copies of the game (as is the norm for them these days), but they’ve also detailed a physical Collector’s Edition as well as a Digital Deluxe Edition.

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a copy of the expansion (a good start), a very impressive looking Imperial Quilen Mount, a Lucky Quilen Cub pet (don’t forget pets can now fight other pets in Mists of Pandaria), a Pandaran banner sigil and accent for Diablo III (presumably to show that your monk trained on Pandaria island or something) and two exclusive StarCraft II portraits featuring a very protos-looking night elf and an orc with Kerrigan-style zerg dreadlocks. Weird.

The physical Collector’s Edition of the game will include a copy of the game, an artbook, a copy of the soundtrack, a Blu-ray and DVD combo featuring a behind-the-scenes documentary, and finally a mouse pad which we assume will be properly adorned with Pandaran monks punching things in the junk.

You can start pre-ordering the digital editions right over here. Keep an eye on local online retailers for physical editions of the game.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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