I’ve always liked the Razer brand and they seem to be one of the few remaining companies that actually listen to what their fans and customers want. One of those things was a new BlackWidow keyboard and the other an ambidextrous mouse. While the left-handed Naga is still a while away, the Ouroboros is definitely one mouse you should keep your eyes (or hands) on.

The BlackWidow is still one of the few keyboards out there that brought Cherry MX Red mechanical switches to gamers everywhere on the cheap. It was later updated with a few extra like backlighting, but few fans thought that it was deserving enough to be an upgrade. More details after the jump. 

The new BlackWidow now comes with anti-ghosting technology, allowing up to ten simultaneous key presses to be registered at a time. That compares favourable to most other brands but falls in the wake of Gigabyte’s ghosting technology, allowing more than double that amount. The new BlackWidow also supports Razer’s cloud-based Synapse technology, allowing you to use one or more BlackWidows at different locations with the same setting you’ve previously defined while setting up things at home. You can also take your BlackWidow keyboard with you to a LAN or official tournament and allow the settings to be downloaded through an internet connection, allowing you to keep your most comfortable setting across multiple machines.

The new BlackWidow range comes in the regular, non-backlit version; the BlackWidow Ultimate which is what you see in the pictures above and a Tournament Edition version, stripped of the numberpad to allow Razer to compete for market share with the rather popular Cooler Master Storm Quickfire keyboards that are gaining traction for their various Cherry MX switches and smaller footprint. While retail prices of the other two aren’t yet detailed, Razer says that the Ultimate version will be generally available in August at a RRP of $139.99 (approx R1200). While the keyboards usually ship with Cherry MX Black or Red switches, they are available in “Stealth” form with Cherry MX Brown switches, being easier to press and also a bit quieter than the other switch designs.

The Ouroboros, on the other hand, doesn’t look like a regular mouse at all, instead opting for the same kind of visual impact that Cyborg R.A.T. owners have the joy of eyeing everyday. Its a fully ambidextrous mouse with adjustable palm support and interchangeable panels to allow for both claw and grip gamers to be at ease. The thumbrest can be swapped around for lefties and its about as asymmetrical as the front of a million-rand sports car.

The mouse is also completely wireless and comes with its own charging pod and Razer estimates that the battery shouldn’t take longer than four hours to completely charge, with a 12-hour gaming lifespan if you’re continuously fragging your friends. You also have the option of playing with the mouse while its still plugged in, meaning that Razer obviously thought of the drawbacks of wireless peripherals at the beginning of the design phase. The sensor maxes out at an extremely twitchy 8200dpi and can go as low as 800 for those shots where precision is needed.

Razer says that the Ouroboros mouse will go on sale in the EMEA regions in Q4 of this year for a RRP of $129.99 (approx R1100). For lefties who don’t like the Mamba and can’t wait for the left-handed Naga, this is a wise purchase choice.

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