We’ve reached that time in the year when publishers and hardware manufacturers release their sales results for the first quarter (April to June). Capcom has now provided theirs, and the first quarter has been very kind to the publisher.

Capcom has reported revenue earnings of ¥18.62 billion for the first quarter. Of that, ¥1.32 billion is profit – that’s a little over R130 million. This profit represents an increase of 290% since the same time last year.

A lot of this is thanks to Dragon’s Dogma, which Capcom admits “exceeded expectations” in Japan despite the fact that it “struggled abroad”. The game has now managed to ship just over 1 million units worldwide. Its success has also proven to Capcom that the IP is a viable one for “setting the stage for creating a series of titles”; expect to see a lot more of this fantasy RPG franchise.

Source: Capcom
Via: Eurogamer

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