Nvidia’s GTX650 is going to be one crucial card that will be responsible for pulling in buyers that would have otherwise considered AMD’s HD7750 and HD7770 cards at around the R1500 price point. Currently most GTX550Ti cards have had their price bumped down to serve the R1500-and-under market where the Eyefinity-capable HD7770 1GB cards do their job the best.

According to a DonanimHaber report, the GeForce GTX 650 will be based on the new 28 nm GK107 ASIC, which is derived from the GeForce Kepler architecture. The chip will pack 384 CUDA cores, and a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, which holds 1 GB of memory. The same report pin-points the launch date to 17th September, which means that the GTX660 is on schedule for a mid-to-late August launch this year.

UPDATE: According to another report by DonanimHaber, the GTX650Ti is reported to have 960 CUDA cores, is based off the GK106 design and sports RAM configurations in 1GB and 2GB variations on a 192-bit memory interface. That pretty much puts performance above today’s mainstream favourites, the Radeon HD6870 and the GTX560.

Source: DonanimHaber (Google Translate this one)

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