Until further notice, the upgrades that Telkom announced where DSL 384 and 1MB subscribers would be upgraded to 1MB and 2MB/s speeds respectively, starting from tomorrow, have just been delayed due to issues within the Telkom network and its planned infrastructure upgrades. However despite the setbacks the company has announced that the speed boosts will still go ahead as planned, but on different dates to avoid network congestion. Telkom’s details are as follows:

  • The Up to 1024 kbps will be upgraded to Up 2048 kbps from the 24th of August 2012 and will continue for approximately six weeks due to the extensive base on these services.
  • The planned upgrade for the Up to 384 kbps to 1024 kbps will commence on the 01st of October 2012 and will also continue for approximately six weeks.

Its not surprising that there are delays but I guess this was to be expected. The 1MB users will be upgraded first due to a trend Telkom hopes to realise whereby 4MB/s users who can’t sync at speeds anywhere above 3MB/s will drop to the cheaper 2MB/s package. As a result the pipeline allocations will shift and more users will move onto the lower speed profile because they want to save money, which frees up bandwidth that the subscriber isn’t otherwise using. This actually benefits Telkom because a higher speed for the majority of current 1MB/s users means that they’re less likely to spend all their time on the internet waiting for downloads to finish. 

Once the 2MB/s upgrades are in their final stages, DSL384 subscribers (and I’m one of them now) can expect their upgrades to begin as the shift of bandwidth allows more users onto the higher speed profile. Considering that the company has spent over two years revamping critical and necessary areas with fibre optic cable its likely that all DSL384 users would be able to run at 1MB/s or just under that thanks to the behind-the-scenes upgrades to make the network more efficient and stable. Or so we hope.
Source: MyBroadband
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