Ok, so technically this isn’t gaming news, but how many times have you piloted a mech in the games you’ve played? That’s right, at least 73 times. Therefore, by my befuddlingly convoluted calculations, this “news post” is related to gaming in 73 different ways. It makes perfect sense if you don’t really think about it. Also, I’m pretty sure I just made up the word “befuddlingly”.

A Japanese company has made an actual, real, totally insane mech that’s available for order online. Dubbed the KURATAS, the mech is four metres tall and three metres wide. It features a full-on cockpit with robotic arm controls, as well as four wheels on separate “legs” that can be lowered or raised so you can see over obstacles. And the best part is that it’s only $1.35 million, or a paltry R11, 083, 500.

The company behind the unit, Suidobashi Heavy Industries, has released a video clip explaining all of the features of the KURATAS unit. The clip is obviously aimed at educating those who are seriously thinking about dropping R11 million on one of the greatest things money will ever be able to buy. Hit the jump to see it in action, and yes… it has weapons.

Granted, the weapons won’t exactly blow stuff up, but you will be able to fire 6, 000 BB pellets a minute thanks to its twin-mounted gatling guns. It can also fire water bottle rockets from the shoulder-mounted rocket pod. Never again will the neighbours’ dog use your front lawn as a toilet.


If you somehow manage to order one of these things, there are a number of optional accessories like metal shields and bullet-proof cockpit glass. You can also have them apply a custom paint job to your new toy.

Despite the fact that the KURATAS will never be considered roadworthy and only reaches a top speed of 10km an hour, I’m pretty sure no South African traffic cop will have the balls to pull you over in the event that you decide to use the mech for your daily commute. Still, Suidobashi is kind of pre-empting this and that’s why they’ve prefixed their introductory video with the following disclaimer:

“KURATAS is an art piece. It is not a normal vehicle, so it doesn’t guarantee you safety and comfort. However, it makes your dream of becoming a robot pilot come true.”

Yes it does my Japanese engineering whiz, yes it does.

Source: Suidobashi Industries
Via: Joystiq