When I showed you the low-profile HD7750 from HIS I commented that while it was a good deal, I wasn’t sure if Eyefinity would have worked or not. While still a shoe-in for HTPCs and for use in low-power rigs its not as capable as some other full-sized PCI variants and would only work well as a low-cost gaming or HTPC solution driving up toe two screens. Sapphire’s card aims to change that.

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The card you see above is Sapphire’s low-profile HD7750 based on AMD’s reference design. It still features the same 512 Stream processors, 16 ROPs and 1GB of GDDR5 RAM on a 128-bit interface. Clock speeds are set at stock 800Mhz for the core and 4.5Ghz for the RAM. While the card does lack the PCI-Express 6-pin power connector seen in AMD’s revised Ghz edition of the same card, this one should be able to reach speeds of around 880Mhz core and 4.8Ghz for the RAM with a little tweaking inside AMD’s Catalyst Control Center.

The display outputs are limited to one dual-link DVI port, one micro-HDMI 1.4a and one mini-Displayport connector, meaning that the card fits in with AMD’s requirements for Eyefinity and it will drive three screens on all three connectors at the same time. This makes the card a perfect fit for low-profile desktop cases that are used in business and will surely help give you a boost in productivity with the extra desktop space you gain with two more monitors.

Sapphire says that the availability and pricing of the card is yet to be determined. Expect this one to retail around $100 at launch, which translates roughly into R820. The card will feature a full retail pack as well as adapters for the mini-DP and micro-HDMI connectors and a DVI-VGA converter.

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