Remember those ludicrous perspex chassis that Gigabyte used to manufacture? They were all the rage a few years back and (not surprisingly) have gone out of fashion because people want neater, cleaner-looking rigs inside a chassis that could possibly say something about its owner. Scythe wants to re-introduce something like that but has left it to look a lot like a fancy test bench than a bland, uninteresting see-through chassis. This, personally, makes perspex chassis all the more attractive again.

If this had been around during that perspex craze it would have been like going to a wet t-shirt contest where instead of seeing boring black bras, there’s one with red lace. More pictures after the jump.

Most perspex chassis are modeled after Gigabyte’s show-off case, which features a rounded front and has most of the other hardware hidden underneath in a black plastic shell. Scythe’s design makes the entire chassis open for viewing and is designed to sit on a desk. Its not meant for overclocking or as a test bench but rather as a statement or a major talking point at a LAN.

The Scythe ACB-TYPE3 supports most ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards. The design also allows for CPU coolers to be as tall as 190 mm. There are plenty of cutouts for wiring and tubing to pass through the various compartments of the case. The lack of side-panels is what makes it an open-air case, as do the lack of included fans. From a modder’s perspective it should be to what a blank canvas is to artists and painters – filled with so much potential.

One drawback to the chassis is that airflow isn’t exactly great, so you may have to account for a lack of it by rigging up some fans or getting a desktop one to blow cool air in the direction of the Scythe. There’s no options for mounting a water-cooling unit so there are some limitations as to what you could stick in there. The coolest part about the whole thing is that you have to assemble the chassis yourself as it comes dismantled inside a box that isn’t bigger than a regular monitor’s one.

Scythe measures the wacky chassis at 2.6kg and it should have general availability by mid-August. Pricing is set at $85 (around R700) so if you were looking for something unique to bring to your local LAN or to rAge, this would be it.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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