GTA viral marketing site gets updated

Funny how these things work out, but just yesterday we were all morose due to Take-Two’s financial reports completely side stepping the topic of Grand Theft Auto V. To date, there’s been practically nothing to go on save for that first trailer and a handful of official screenshots. Even Take-Two’s investors are frothing at the mouth for an update.

Now, a viral marketing website for The Epsilon Program (which was initially launched alongside GTA: San Andreas nearly eight (!) years ago) has been updated. Those who have spent time playing the last few Grand Theft Auto games will remember that the Epsilon Program is an in-game cult that’s also a satirical take on the real-world Scientology movement. The website itself has very little on it that’d give it away as being linked to the GTA series; the only real tells are the locations of some of the people providing “Testimonials” on the site. San Andreas, San Fierro and Liberty City are all mentioned.

Alongside the website update, the Epsilon Program has launched a Twitter account; judging by recent activity, that account has been up since 25 July 2012. If you feel like getting daily reminders that “Sperm does not exist – it is a lie spread by biology teachers – along with everything else you have ever been told” then hit the “Follow” button and brace yourself for the crazy.

Source: CVG