When BioWare and Electronic Arts released the Extended Ending DLC for Mass Effect 3, a few tricksy people began sifting through the files. Said tricksy people discovered all sorts of references to “Leviathan”, which was speculated to be some form of future DLC. EA just held their Summer Showcase, and the publisher announced exactly that: a new single-player DLC offering dubbed Leviathan.

The new DLC features two to three hours of new story and quests that take place about half-way through the Mass Effect 3 campaign. During the DLC, Shepard learns of “something powerful enough to kill a Reaper”, which naturally would come in REALLY handy in the war to save all organic life in the galaxy.

The Leviathan DLC also promises more information on the origins of the Reaper species, as well as an extended sequence in which you’ll get to pilot a mech under the ocean. New characters and new areas of the citadel will also be introduced. The DLC will cost $10 and will be available on all platforms before the end of our winter. Hit the jump for the DLC’s trailer, just mind out for the shoddy sound quality.


On top of the Leviathan DLC, EA and BioWare have announced a new single-player weapons pack called the “Firefight Pack”. The pack will add two new weapons and five bonus weapon to the single-player campaign. This pack will be available on 07 August for $2 or 160 MS Points.

Kotaku has gone hands-on with the Leviathan DLC, so head over there if you want a blow-by-blow account of one of the gameplay sequences in the DLC.

Source: BioWare Blog
Via: Kotaku

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