Western Digital has 2.5″ 2TB drives you don’t know about

It’s quite strange seeing the picture below and knowing that in that man’s hands is 2TB of free drive space, in a 2.5″ form factor. As the computer industry begins a movement towards smaller systems and components, drives like these will become increasingly common and may even wind up in high-end systems next year. Do you want that really small 18TB RAID server that sucks less than 80W at full blast? You’ll be using something like this in future.

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The WD20NPVT is part of the Western Digital Green family, featuring a low rotation speed to reduce energy consumption and to minimise wear and tear. The drives feature two 1TB platters and sadly are 15mm thick – big enough that it won’t fit in the majority of notebooks out there. The common height used these days is 9.5mm, suggesting that this drive may be better suited for use in an ITX chassis.

The drive’s speed alternates from 4500 to 5400rpm, features 8MB of cache on a SATA 3Gb/s interface and has a low power consumption of just 1.7W. Its already in the retail distribution channel, but will set you back a hefty $240 (approx R2000). That isn’t too bad until you see 3.5″ 2TB drives for exactly half the price. How much the smaller form factor is worth to you is debateable, but there are surely a lot of people who would appreciate that dynamite in such a small package.

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