Curiosity has landed! The cat isn’t dead yet

I’m a huge fan of space exploration. That astronomy thread on the forums? Reading through it is pure, undiluted awesomesauce. I even have NASA’s photo of the day thingy bookmarked because that’s the one place to go to that’s on my bucket list – Space. I was a president of the astronomy society in high school, so I’m pretty much into it.  Recently NASA landed their new Mars rover, called Curiosity, on the surface of the red planet and there are already pics on the internet of the red, sandy and deserted landscape. Have another look at the closest thing we’ll ever find to our planet in our lifetimes.

An artist’s mock-up of Curiosity.

A bunch of geeks and scientists celebrating the landing.

Curiosity marks a new generation of rovers designed to land on remote planets for further exploration. Its job is to kickstart off NASA’s new Mars exploration project and is there to look for water, alien life as well as help scientists figure out how the planet could be habitable by humans in the future. Curiosity weighs 899kg and for several minutes this morning there was a great concern that the landing wouldn’t go all that well. Thanks to the efforts of the team at NASA, we’ll be closer to learning the history of our sister planet in more detail in the years to come.

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