MSI’s GTX660Ti can have a three-way romp in your rig

If you ever wanted a three-way, there’s not much that NAG can do to help. The guys at the office might give us four awesome covers but there’s much we can do if you want to bring a few friends onto the action aside from recommending you buy a copy or three or four of Borderlands for a few LANs with your friends. MSI certainly can help you out with three GTX660Ti cards together, though.

More info and some screenshots after the jump. 

The cards in question are all sporting the TwinFrozr cooler and have enough SLI bridges for three in a group to destroy your framerates. The design is similar to the GTX670 Power Edition also by MSI which features a revised PWM and is closer to ASUS’ Direct CU II versions thanks to the voltage tweaking. Nvidia doesn’t officially support voltage mods or card that allow voltage changes and its down to the OEMs to ignore that concern and release a treat for overclockers.

MSI’s GTX660Ti Power Edition, ostensibly, sports 3GB of DDR5 RAM at 6Ghz on a 192-bit bus and clock speeds of 1020Mhz, with boost speeds of 1098Mhz. GPU-Z doesn’t report much more than that but according to the benchmarks, it looks like the GTX660 is a GTX670 with an extra shader module disabled. That has certain ramifications for how you may view Nvidia’s Kepler architecture in future – if a GTX680 is the high-end chip, with the GTX670 just about matching it with an arm chopped off and a GTX660 matching a stock GTX670 even though its crippled further, it means that its actually not being put through its paces properly – Kepler is more efficient and possibly more powerful than we think and have been lead to believe by benchmarks.

If you’re looking for a better value proposition than the GTX670, this would be it. The GTX660Ti should be out later this month and should be a hit at around the R3500 and under mark.

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