Diablo III Character Profiles make bragging easier

Blizzard has unveiled Diablo III Character Profiles on Battle.net. This feature will be fairly familiar for those knee-deep in World of Warcraft, but for Diablo III players it’s something new that will make showing off your character’s loot just that much easier.

You can check out your Character Profiles right now by logging in to Battle.net and selecting your Diablo III BattleTag. Good luck with it though, because I’ve been trying to log in to check mine for the last hour or so. Clearly every hero in Sanctuary is wanting to check out their Character Profile. Insert obligatory “Error 37” remark here.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to see your character’s equipped loot, stats, DPS rating, which bosses you’ve obliterated, how many elites you’ve bludgeoned and more. Obviously, the “Friends” tab will allow you to check out your friends’ characters, which I’m guessing will be very similar to that compulsive urge one gets to compare your Xbox LIVE Gamerscore to other people’s.

Source: Battle.net
Via: Massively