Here are some awesome new Dishonored screenshots

Bethesda has released some new screenshots for their incoming steampunk FPS, Dishonored, and it looks pretty flippin’ awesome if you ask me. It’s being released in October for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and core to its gameplay will be completing assassination missions, which players may approach using a combination of stealth and action.

Apparently exploration will be a key component to the game, and doing so will unlock new paths and alternatives for accomplishing missions. It will also be possible to eliminate all your enemies in a non-lethal manner.

Players will be able to mix and match magical abilities to create new ones, and there will also be a selection of weapons and gadgets at your disposal. The gameplay sounds intriguing, but it’s the art direction that first caught my attention when I found out about Dishonored. Check out the screenshots past the break to find out why.

Click for bigger!