AOC introduces the 27″ E2752VH for desktops

Lets say you missed out in the gloriousness that was the Samsung T260, or can’t afford an Apple Cinema HD monitor or any one of those massively expensive 27″ monitors that normally have IPS panels in them. AOC wants to turn your attention to its new offering, a 27″ 1080p monitor that tries not to break the bank.

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Firstly, lets get your head around the price. Bigger screens mean you’ll be paying more out of your pocket and some people find that investing in a larger TV with an acceptable TV mode is a better buy – after all, there’s an entire year-old thread on exactly that if you visit the MyBroadband forums. One of the cheaper 27-inchers on the market happens to be Acer’s H274HLBMD going for roughly R2700 at most places. AOC’s offering launches with a RRP of just $300 (approx R2400) which leaves a good amount of change in your pocket if local suppliers and retailers stick to that price.

Specs-wise, the E2752VH impresses with a 2ms response time, a run-of-the-mill TN panel stuck at 1920 x 1080 resolution, a huge contrast ratio attached to the promise of better colours and deeper blacks thanks to LED technology. I’m usually a bit hesitant to recommend a 1080p monitor if it doesn’t include HDMI, but this unit does, along with full HDCP compliance and two built-in 2.5W speakers in stereo mode. There’s even an alarm clock mode, allowing you to determine when during the day your screen switches on and off.

If it lives up to its promise, this might be one of the LCDs to go for if you’re moving from a 19″, 20″ or even a 22″ monitor to something larger and more comfortable. While I’m still perfectly satisfied with my 22″ unit, something a little bigger would be appreciated. Note that if you plan on packing your PC up for the NAG LAN at rAge this year, 26″ monitors are the largest ones you can bring with you due to size constraints.

Then again, if you’ve got a LAN box like the one I mentioned in my post about recommending a LAN rig for a friend, maybe switching to something smaller may allow for that extra inch of LCD goodness through those hallowed gates. You’ll have to double-check with the powers that be on that, though.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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