Rumour: Thief 4 has slipped to next-gen

How many of you had forgotten this game was even being made? You’d be forgiven; after all, we’ve had nothing to go on since the game was announced over three years ago. Now, a new set of rumours have appeared in the latest edition of the Official Xbox Magazine, which claims that Thief 4 is now a next-gen console game. You know, for the next-gen consoles that neither Microsoft or Sony have admitted they’re making.

Thief 4 has supposedly been in development by Eidos Montreal for the last four years. Eidos Montreal’s most recent offering was the critically acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Earlier rumours suggested that Thief 4 would make use of Unreal Engine 3, but with the suggestion that the game has moved to next-gen hardware, it seems more likely that it will use Unreal Engine 4. Publisher Square Enix has yet to comment on the rumour, but website CVG has checked with their sources who have confirmed that the rumour is accurate.

Source: CVG