Antec wants to light up your world with Accents

In the same vein as those Kaleidoscopic lights reviewed in NAG’s June issue, Antec has a new USB lighting scheme that it hopes will bring a little colour and some mood-changing effects into an otherwise dark gaming room. I’m not so sure if anyone’s told Antec that not all gamers play in the dark, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing the Accent lighting system.

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What the Accent system offers is two strips of LED lights that you can attach to your keyboard, your desktop or even the rear of your monitor to create the kind of atmosphere that best suits you and your mood when gaming. Colours available at launch are unfortunately limited to red and blue (seriously? I thought we were done with this war a long time ago!) and come with a convenient switch to turn off part or the entire lighting strip to suit the situation.

While you might think that its a bit weird, its a great way to relieve eyestrain if you have some strong colour contrasts you can look at when gaming in front of your monitor for a long while. I myself have rotated my desk do I don’t stare at a wall for the whole day and the benefits to my concentration levels has been remarkable. If you’re looking for something that sets your PC apart from the regular ones posted on those “Post your work/play” threads every month, this is surely it.

Antec says the lighting system will be available from today in EMEA regions. The strip array runs off a USB port and is about 1.3m long by Antec’s measurements. You’d have to buy three sets, one for your monitor, desktop and keyboard, but at $10 per strip (approx R90) its well worth the price for the sweet effect it creates. Combine this with the NZXT Hue and you’re easily set up with a fantastic little light show for your gaming enjoyment.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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