Holy balls! Look at Crysis 3! Just Look at it!

Electronic Arts and Crytek are making a third Crysis game. I won’t lie, when they announced Crysis 3 I felt totally ambivalent towards the project. I mean, I’d just finished Crysis 2 and now the third one was on the way? What’s more, Crysis 2 left me feeling a little deflated. The first Crysis was a visual feast and represented a massive leap forward in PC graphics. Crysis 2, on the other hand, didn’t feel as amazing for me personally.

After watching the latest trailer for Crysis 3, however, any ambivalence I may have felt has been dragged out back behind the house, shot in the head and buried in a shallow grave. The new trailer is actually masquerading as a CryEngine 3 tech demo. Or is it a tech demo masquerading as a Crysis 3 trailer? I don’t know, but whatever it is it makes the game look undeniably gorgeous.

The trailer begins by saying it’s a “Real tech trailer” and that all of the footage has been “captured in-game from Crysis 3”. It then does the typical tech demo thing of showing your incredible graphical advancements and labelling them with impressive terms like “pixel accurate displacement mapping” and “top secret tessellated toad tech”. Trailer after the jump.


All of a sudden, my 580 GTX is dead to me. Anyone else suffering from graphics card inadequacy? Gamescom 2012 starts next week and we’ve got a ton of time on the EA stand; hopefully we’ll be bringing you fresh information on Crysis 3, like whether or not the game ships with a free book entitled 101 Fast Ways to Make Money for PC Upgrades.