Indie Showcase: Tag

Lately, first-person perspective games haven’t necessarily been about shooting. Tag, by the Digipen Institute of Technology, is such an example.

The game takes the player and places them smack in the middle of a monochrome urban sprawl. You’ll soon be equipped with a paint gun, as well as variously-coloured paints. These paints imbue the surfaces around you with unique physical properties; green paint will allow you to jump and bounce off walls, red paint will afford you the ability to run very fast and make impossible leaps, while a blue paint will allow you to defy gravity and cling to any surface, regardless of orientation. A white paint, available at all times, erases the effects of the other paints.

If you’re thinking that you’ve heard of this somewhere before, you wouldn’t be wrong. Tag was the inspiration for the “gel” mechanic featured in Portal 2. Valve were so impressed that they hired the Tag team to incorporate the paint system into the then-upcoming sequel.

As it stands, Tag is a lovely little exercise in simplistic puzzle-solving, all encased in a stylish package. There is sadly no save feature, but the game isn’t terribly long either. Either way, it’s an interesting and original concept that will absorb you, even if only as a curiosity with regards to the development of Portal 2.

Navigate your way on over here to secure your copy (for Windows only).