OUYA Console now up for pre-order, launching April 2013

Considering that OUYA’s console had one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in recent memory, its all systems go for development and manufacturing of the console for buyers eager to get the cheap-as-chips console next year.

According to a press release on their website, prices start from $109 for the console with a single controller if you live in the US. For the rest of the world, a console with one controller costs just $119 (approx R980) excluding shipping, while an extra controller in the bundle sets you back to $139 (R1200 approx). Getting the console on pre-order with four controllers will cost just $209 (approx R1700), which means its cheaper than any console bundle, even the Xbox 360 Slim 4GB edition. 

As in the title, pre-orders are set to ship to customers in April 2013 and there might be a limited run initially. You can pre-order on OUYA’s website here and shipping is an extra $20 to any country. The OUYA is a Tegra 3-based console ostensibly running Android Ice Cream Sandwich in a set-top box chassis. Its designed to be “easily hackable”, which is probably just another way of saying that hardware mods are easily done to the board inside. Being an Android-running console, its likely that OUYA has approached a company like Logitech for the manufacture of their controllers, seeing as they look very similar to the existing wireless Rumblepads and cost about the same as well.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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