Machinarium is headed to PSN

Oi, PS3 owners: Sony has announced that Machinarium will be released on the European PlayStation Network next month. Yaaaaaay…

The announcement was made, sort of, on the PSN Blog, when Sony’s Ross McGrath wrote, “What’s more, two new titles as well in September, one brand new and one new to PSN – we’re spoiling you rotten for sure.”

One commenter guessed: “Brand new game: Double Dragon Neon. Game new to PSN: Machinarium,” and McGrath responded “Give the man a cookie, he’s 100 percent right!”
So while there has been no official announcement just yet, we can expect one pretty soon.

For the uninitiated, Machinarium is totally rad, and if you have a PC you should probably go buy it on Steam right now. Or you can wait for it to be released on PSN next month.