Just how available is the GTX660 Ti? – Updated

Just in case you missed it, Nvidia’s Geforce GTX660 Ti had its launch last week and has been performing very well according to reviews found online and in my own analysis of the card and its potential. For those of you who’d like to find one and part with the money you’re still storing in your hidey-hole, here’s where you can find one.

Taking into account the RRP of the GTX660 Ti in Dollars at $299 (approx R2500) for reference models, the prices seen locally on the markets today don’t reflect anything near that, starting at around R3300 for the baseline models. Mind you, I’ve mentioned before that none of these cards are reference models – partners producing their GTX660 Ti variants have had the card in some form for a while because its a cut-down GTX670, enabling them to release overclocked and customised versions right off the bat. This is as Nvidia prepares to release reference designs to third-party manufacturers, waiting for Kepler production to ramp up to accommodate those seeking a better bargain.

But remember, the GTX660 Ti is priced accordingly to go head-to-head with the Radeon HD7870. A reference version at reference prices would easily undercut that card by some margin and its clear that holding back the reference designs is part of Nvidia’s strategy. Rather have the other companies produce overclocked cards, gain some profit and then indulge in a little price war to spice things up. Nvidia knows they have a comfortable lead now and they’ll be playing this game anyway they see fit – the only counter from AMD that they can expect is updated BIOSes which hamper efficiency and price cuts to make the cards more appealing.


MSI GTX660 Ti Power Edition 2GB DDR5 @ R3710

KFA² GTX660 Ti EX OC 2GB DDR5 @ R3463

Inno3D Geforce GTX660 Ti @ R3435

EVGA GTX660 Ti 2GB DDR5 @ R3463

EVGA GTX660 Ti Superclocked 2GB DDR5 @ R3586


PNY XLR8 GTX660Ti 2GB DDR5 @ R3235

Inno3D Geforce GTX660 Ti @ R3327

KFA² GTX660 Ti EX OC 2GB DDR5 @ R3773

Gigabyte Windforce 2X GTX660 Ti 2GB DDR5 @ R3953


Its weird that the only shop online that regularly price-matches with Rebeltech doesn’t have stock. I’m still waiting for confirmation of stock arrivals and pricing from one of their sales guys, so if you’re a loyal buyer, its worth waiting a day or two to see what they come up with.

Update: It seems that they’ll only be stocking the Gigabyte card for starters.

On a side-note, all of Gigabyte’s cards are priced very high. At R4099, you’re better off finding another R300 elsewhere and getting a GTX670.


Nothing from the new players in the boutique desktop PC market as yet, but if you refresh or RSS their page you may see a few models popping up in the course of the next few weeks. I’m waiting on stock confirmation from these guys as well.

Update: Turns out Solid Computing might be one of the vendors to watch in future, judging by the prices I was given by them.


EVGA GTX660 Ti 2GB DDR5 @ R3495.81

EVGA GTX660 Ti Superclocked 2GB DDR5 @ R3721.29

Gigabyte Windforce 2X GTX660 Ti 2GB DDR5 @ R3692.37

Gigabyte Windforce 2X OC GTX660 Ti 2GB DDR5 @ R4184.94

Inno3D Geforce GTX660 Ti @ R3491.62

KFA² GTX660 Ti EX OC 2GB DDR5 @ R3446.13

KFA² GTX660 Ti EX OC 3GB DDR5 @ R3877.05

MSI GTX660 Ti Power Edition 2GB DDR5 @ R3692.37

PNY XLR8 GTX660Ti 2GB DDR5 @ R3324.24


MSI GTX660 Ti Power Edition 2GB DDR5 @ R3749

Note that while a lot of retailers have various cards available, not all of them come with the free copy of Borderlands 2 sponsored by Nvidia themselves. Looking around at a glance, the overclocked cards mostly drop the free game, while the slower ones closer to the reference clock and without extravagant coolers do bundle the game – take note then, to ask about it before making your purchase. If you’re looking for the highest overclocks, MSI’s Power edition is the one to go for, allowing for adjustments to the voltage and all clocks on the card in MSI Afterburner.

For the value-seekers, its a fight between PNY with their reference cooler lifted from the GTX670, KFA² and Inno3D. As more players enter the market we’re sure to see a few price changes and even some massive drops on the ageing GTX560 Ti cards. Those are still at the same prices but if you were looking for a pair to put in SLI, make sure you follow your prices in the next four months for a bargain to hit.

Of course, if you’re also looking at a HD7870 right now, wait and see the prices drop on those puppies in the next month.

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