100 “Paragon” character levels being added to Diablo III

Hands up how many of you have hit your character level cap in Diablo III. Now, hands up how many of you have done so with more than one character. That’s amazing – I’ve yet to even finish the game. The good news is that Blizzard will be adding a new gameplay mechanic to the Diablo III endgame (got to love MMO terms for a single-player game) in the form of Paragon Levels.

In Diablo III‘s current state, once your character hits level 60, all character levelling ends and any XP gained is completely meaningless. At that point, the only reason you’re playing the game with the same character is for the loot. Soon, that won’t be the case as you’ll continue to earn XP towards Paragon levels instead. In total, there are 100 Paragon levels to achieve, with each level adding to your character’s basic stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Vitality) as well as adding 3% to Magic Find and 3% to Gold Find, which will cap at a maximum of 300% to both.

On the purely cosmetic side of things, your character portrait will get increasingly fancy framing as you level up in Paragon levels. Every 10 levels of Paragon you gain will alter your character’s portrait frame as well as add a blue number indicating the current Paragon level.

Source: Battle.net