AMD’s HD7000 family gets more price cuts!

And a new gaming bundle as well! AMD recently announced price cuts for the Radeon HD7800 and HD7900 family but top of the list of changes isn’t the price, but the bundle: Nvidia’s GTX660 Ti mostly is bundled with a Steam code for Borderlands 2. All HD7800 cards qualify for free games, courtesy of AMD’s Gaming Evolved initiative. That free game used to be DiRT Showdown. It’s now a free Steam copy of Sleeping Dogs!

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Its a welcome change having lower prices to soothe the pain most gamer’s wallets and bank accounts go through. Most of the HD7000 family gets a price cut with the exception of the HD7970 vanilla and Ghz editions, both staying at their RRP points of $429 and $499 respectively.

The lower-end cards get much more substantuial changes. The HD7950, now being sold and shipped in Ghz form (with a BIOS for current buyers) drops down to $319 which allows it to compete favourably with the GTX660 Ti. The Ti trails by about 10% performance in most games and benchmarks, so the $20 premium for the Radeon contender is now much more attractive.

The HD7870 is the biggest threat now, though. Performing mostly alongside the GTX660 Ti, or around 5% behind it, its not a great buy at $299, the same price as the competition. Dropping down to $249 makes it far more attractive as it also comes with Sleeping Dogs, a game that’s been greatly anticipated since gameplay trailers popped up at E3 this year. I know a few people playing it already and they say its well worth it. Why not get it for free with a GPU upgrade?

The next card to recieve price cuts is the HD7850, also qualifying for the Sleeping Dogs bundle. At $209 its much better value than the GTX560 cards at that price point and will probably be a dead match with the Geforce GTX650 when it lands sometime next month. An overclocked GTX560 might beat it, but the bundled game makes the price a bargain, particularly since these cards overclock very well themselves.

The HD7770 and HD7750 also drop down in price to $119 and $99 respectively. The HD7770 sandwiches the ageing GTX560 on the other end and once overclocked, takes the lead easily. The HD7750, particularly if you can find the Ghz one with the extra power connector, easily wins over the GTX550Ti and GT640 variants, both being slower than the Radeon offering. With the extra power connector on hand, the Ghz versions can reach the same performance level of the HD7770 without consuming too much power.

By and large these price drops may not reflect on our shores immediately but there is some hope. HD7750 cards go for as low as R1100 in most places, with the HD7770 landing up on average R300 more expensive. The rest of the lineup will follow soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re looking for a HD7870 that falls under the R3000 price point. And if you want to play Sleeping Dogs which, as a NAGling, you surely must.

Source: Anandtech

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