Prey 2 disappears from Bethesda website

You guys, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a little bit concerned about the future of Prey 2. Originally announced back in 2011, the game was scheduled for a release in 2012. That was before rumours of its cancellation cropped up around mid-April this year. It turned out that the game hadn’t been cancelled, but had rather suffered a setback thanks to a contract disagreement between developer Human Head and publisher Bethesda Softworks.

Since then, Prey 2 has been AWOL from news sites across the interwebs. It also skipped E3, gamescom and QuakeCon, which is practically parent company ZeniMax’s personal  tradeshow seeing as they own id. Now, publisher Bethesda Softworks has recently revamped their website, and Prey 2 no longer appears as a listed project.

A spokesperson from Bethesda Softworks has insisted that the publisher doesn’t “have anything new to say on the game at this time,” and that as such they “simply didn’t think it’d be appropriate to include it on the new site launch”.

Reading between the lines, this suggests that developer Human Head and publisher Bethesda Softworks have still not settled their contract terms. If this is the case, then it’s possible that development on Prey 2 hasn’t progressed since November 2011, which is obviously a very bad sign.

The optimistic way of looking at it could be something like this: Prey 2 is such an ambitious project that Human Head and Bethesda have moved the game to next gen platforms, and as such they’re not talking about it until next-gen is more official. That’s totally the reason, hey guys?

Yeah I’m still worried.

Source: IGN