Media Molecule talks Tearaway, mirrors and magnets

One of the highlights of this year’s gamescom was the surprise announcement of Media Molecule’s next big thing: Tearaway. The English development team has been working on the PlayStation Vita exclusive ever since they wrapped up work on LittleBigPlanet 2.

Tearaway is an adventure game set in a paper-craft world starring a character called Iota. Using the PSV’s myriad input options, you’re tasked with guiding Iota through this world in order to help him reveal a unique message. According to Media Molecule, this message will be at the core of the game’s driving force and it will be different for every person who plays the game. How they’re planning on doing that the team is not revealing.

The PlayStation Blog managed to collar Media Molecule’s Alex Evans and Rex Crowle for a brief interview the day after their game was announced. If you’ve missed the gamescom reveal trailer, that’s after the jump as well.

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Source: PlayStation Blog
Via: Twitter