Rumour: PowerColour’s Devil 13 HD7990 launching soon?

Hardware Canucks recently reported that PowerColour might be releasing their version of AMD’s HD7990, a card that’s been in limbo for months since AMD’s tentative announcement that it was working on something. As has been the case for weeks since the GTX690 launch, its actually been a trying time for both graphics card companies to manufacture dual-GPU cards. The PLEX bridging chip on the card that links the two GPUs together is in short supply, prompting Nvidia to release very limited stocks of the GTX690 but still buying up all the chip supply – this is the reason why AMD cannot get the HD7990 or HD7970x2 out in time. But apparently, PowerColour is launching their customised version pretty soon. How soon?

The Canucks also report that the card could slip into the $899 – $999 price range, well below the current asking price for the GTX690 and that the card could be released in the next few days. More details after the jump. 

One of the biggest questions buyers have about the promised card is its power consumption. The Canucks claim that their sources report that the company will use two full-sized Tahiti XT cores at 925MHz, with RAM sitting at 5.5GHz with 3GB available for each core. For a card this big, you’d have to be looking at a 512-bit bus size, since anything less will stifle performance hugely. Most of the Devil variants produced by PowerColour over the years have included headers and even switches to swap between BIOSes on the card, which means that a 1GHz-optimised BIOS may also be included to keep up with the GTX690.

But more importantly, two Tahiti chips will require massive cooling and loads more power connectors. The picture above is purported to be the Devil 13 HD7990 and it looks like a triple-slot cooler will be used, meaning that space inside the chassis will be constrained should you choose to use two in Crossfire. That it will keep the card cool is clear since the dual-slot version of the same cooler works very well in other Devil variants of the HD7000 family. The card will likely have a TDP of 400W, requiring three 8-pin PCI-Express connectors. Its an expensive setup for sure, but those Radeon fans determined to match the GTX690 shouldn’t have any issues with the heat or power consumption.

The card should also ship with a colour-coded toolkit and PowerColour’s Power Jack. This will be an interesting match-up to watch.

Source: Hardware Canucks

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