UPDATED: Hey you! Wanna win some Guild Wars 2 stuff?

Hi there! You look like an avid fan of Guild Wars 2, what with you having the game’s logo proudly (and permanently) tattooed across your face and all. You may be interested in the competition we’ve got for you here, (courtesy of our fine friends over at Megarom) in which you might be able to snag yourself a copy of the game (and the Collector’s Edition of it no less) and a bunch of expensive-looking Guild Wars 2 goodies, all for the unbelievably low price of clicking that sticky button labeled “read more” below. Make it happen.

UPDATE: Due to a slight error in the calculations of our Electrofrangelical Magnovosity Subtracter (i.e. a slight boo-boo was made while ordering copies of the game), we’ve had to swop out the Collector’s Edition of the game for the “Retail Expert Pack”. Click through for details.


UPDATED UPDATE: Never you mind, everything’s back to normal.

Congratulations! Now that you’re here, we’d like to show you what you could win, using juicy images.

That right there is the back of a super-sexy T-shirt that’ll obviously get you into all the hottest nightclubs free of charge. Because when you’re wearing Guild Wars, you’re always on the list.

That’s what people will see majestically emblazoned across the front of your newest T-shirt should you win this competition. Sexy, and nightclubs. Obviously.

What you see above is a bundle of Steel Series hardware, sexily wrapped in sexy Guild Wars 2 sexiness. Inside, you’ll find a Steel Series mouse, headset and mouse mat, all of which are dripping in absolute sexy.

UPDATE: This is where things must change. The Collector’s Edition you see below went for a walk in the woods alone a few days ago, and we’ve not seen it since. This is why you should always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Also, we’re putting together a search party, and anyone willing to volunteer should contact us. Until then, disregard what you see below, as it’s no longer part of the competition. Its replacement follows.


UPDATED UPDATE: Never mind, the Collector’s Edition has found its way home intact! So the list o’ prizes is back to its original shape.

And that’s the actual game, Sexy Collector’s Edition style. Just look at that poor charr, trapped in that cage of retail-free loneliness. Don’t you want to giddily bust him outta there? Don’t you?!

UPDATE: And here’s what we’re replacing it with!


UPDATED UPDATE: Ignore the prize below, we’ve got your Collector’s Edition right here!

It’s what’s called the Retail Expert Pack, which sounds mighty important. Inside, you’ll apparently find these:

  • A digital deluxe code for the game
  • A “Road to Guild Wars 2” info graphic
  • An “MMO 101” page
  • A credit card USB filled with videos
  • Another T-shirt, one that’s totally different to the one already in the competition!

We know, we know: it’s not quite a Collector’s Edition, and we apologise for the mix up. It might seem like less free stuff, but remember that any amount of free stuff is better than no free stuff so hooray!


UPDATED UPDATE: It’s safe to stop ignoring stuff now. We’d like to thank Megarom for this ordeal they’ve put us through. 😛 JK LOL, luv u gaiz!

If you’d like the chance to get your eager paws all over this nutritious MMORPG loveliness, we suggest you leave a witty comment below. Chances are, we’ll eventually just randomly choose a winner when the competition ends. But if your comment stands out, or makes us feel that you deserve the game more than any of the other commenters, we might ditch the randomness and just reward you with this collection of stuffs. Maybe. Good luck! And while you’re sat there, staring at the above images as a spot of desire-flavoured drool dribbles down the corner of your mouth, spare a drool-free moment to send psychic love rays in the direction of Megarom!

Please note that this competition is open to South African residents only.

This competition is now closed, and the winner has been notified.