So where’s that XCOM FPS gone then? We’re not sure, and frankly, we don’t actually give a damn at this very moment. What’s happening right now that we do actually give very many damns about is the real XCOM remake, and it’s all up in our magazine like probes in… orifices. We’ve got our hands covered in everything Enemy Unknown, and we’d like to drop the details of our experience into your brain.

Click through for a look at the most beautiful magazine cover you’ll see all day, and the contents PDF for the September 2012 issue of your favourite magazine.

Elsewhere, we take a look at eight historical moments in gaming that unhinged our jaws. Some choice results from our recent reader survey make for interesting reading, preferably from the comfort of your Ultimate Gaming Lounge – which we’ll happily help you plan if you’ve not already got one, by the way.

September demands that your eyes fixate on our lovingly crafted reviews section, dipped in honey-flavoured opinion and let loose on your brain. We’ve everything from Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns and London 2012: The Official Video Game, to Spelunky and Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s TreasureLEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes breaks out some surprise voice acting and The Amazing Spider-Man hopes to prove that movie games don’t have to suck. Inversion turns the world upside down, while The Secret World tries to shove the real world into your MMORPG. Old-school PC gaming proves twice triumphant in this month’s issue with our in-depth verdict on Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

Previews! We have those also, so you know what you’re meant to be excited about right now. Injustice: Gods Among Us attempts DC Universe brawling again, with a little less Mortal Kombat on the side this time. Ron Gilbert spills a little Maniac Mansion in a talking cave, and Beyond: Two Souls wants to make your filmic drama interactive.

September’s hardware section is packed with delicious buying advice. Two new challengers oust the competition and find a spot in our coveted Dream Machine. We’ve got our hands on the best GPU you can buy right now, and we’ve put it through its paces. A pair of maddeningly noisy, but absolutely lovely mechanical keyboards vie for your attention as a powerful (yet, surprisingly, not brain-meltingly expensive) notebook quietly impresses us.

All this and more can be found within the September issue of NAG. It’ll be on shelves this Thursday, the 30th of August. If you’re a fan of trees, be sure to keep an eye out for our digital edition over on Zinio.

Click here for the contents PDF [325 KB]

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