Play the demo for Han Solo Adventures right now!

Holy balls! There’s a playable demo? How did this slip by unnoticed?

Remember back in April when we were reminded about the existence of Han Solo Adventures? The fan-made project being developed by a single guy called Stacy Davidson? Well, things have been rather quiet for some time over on the game’s official webpage, with nothing new since June. However, nestled in a string of comments is a link to the project’s first playable demo. I know, I’m as confounded as you are – how did we NOT know about this until now? We shall double our efforts in monitoring this game’s progress.

The demo is a whole 4MB of compressed, pixelated point-and-click glory, and it has retro-synth Star Wars music from the Tatooine scenes in A New Hope. If you’re feeling nostalgic towards the old LucasArt point-and-click games, then this is just what you need. Also, it does a really good job of removing the icky taste that Star Wars: Detours might have left in your mouth.

Source: Twitter