Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire revealed, coming next week

Bethesda has announced a new add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it’s called “Hearthfire”. While not a fully-fledged DLC offering like “Dawnguard”, the game add-on will introduce a number of new game mechanics to the open-world RPG. Well, newish game mechanics at least, seeing as how most of what is being added is already available to the PC crowd thanks to the modding community.

Hearthfire will allow you to purchase plots of land around the region of Skyrim. What would a Dovahkiin want with a plot of land? To build a house, obviously. Yes, Bethesda is adding house construction to their already massive game. You’ll be able to build your home room by room, farm plants, carve furniture and craft trophies to display. Additionally, once you’ve built your home you’ll be able to move in a spouse and adopt children. A new steward recruit will allow you to keep your house maintained and you’ll even be able to get your own carriage to transport you around the region.

The DLC is coming to Xbox 360 on 04 September, which is next week Tuesday; it’ll cost you 400 MS Points. No mention of a PC or PlayStation 3 version but that’ll happen eventually. Actually, now that I think about it, “Dawnguard” isn’t even on PlayStation 3 yet. What’s up with that, Bethesda? Hit the jump for a video detailing what to expect.


Source: Bethesda Blog

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