Techland turning Dead Island mod into full game

Following the release of Dead Island, one of the game’s developers, Marcin “MZM” Zygadlo released his very own custom mod for it. Techland was so impressed with the mod, that it has now dedicated a small team to building a full game out of it.

Codenamed Project Hell, the game is described as a first-person hack-and-slash affair.

“Our main goal is to make a game we can all enjoy playing so don’t expect unicorns and fairies – we prefer breaking through hordes of undead minions only to slaughter their devilish and loathsome masters in a bloody boss-fight,” said designer and project manager Marcin “Kruq” Kruczkiewicz.

Currently the game is being developed for PC, but Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are also possible in the future, depending on how it is received.

The game will run on the same engine that powers Dead Island, and will be released as a fully commercialised product. No indication of a release date was provided.

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