Wii U release date outed by peripheral manufacturer?

Nintendo has yet to announce the release date for their Wii U console, but the Japanese company has a big event in New York planned for 13 September, and it’s been suggested that the Wii U release date will be headlining bit of information. It’s too bad that a peripheral manufacturer known as PDP (Performance Designed Products) may have just spilled the beans a little early.

PDP recently held a product showcase for managers of GameStop stores. A source at that presentation has told website Kotaku that during the showcase, the peripheral manufacturer said that their new Wii U products would be available just prior to the console’s release date of 18 November.

This story is still developing largely thanks to PDP scrambling to do some damage control. They’ve issued two statements denying their knowledge of an official release date for the Wii U, but Kotaku’s sources are insisting what they heard was accurate.

Kotaku points out that a release date of 18 November would be in line with Nintendo’s previous behaviour when it comes to major release dates. This year 18 November falls on a Sunday, and Sundays are normally when Nintendo likes to release hardware. The 3DS XL launched on Sunday 19 August. The original Wii as well as the GameCube both launched on Sundays as well.

We’ll update this as the story develops.

Source: Kotaku