Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 is three months away. After watching this new addition to their marketing campaign, three months suddenly feels like an awfully long time. This is the first in what will presumably become a regular video feature promoting the game. Entitled “Welcome to the Rook Islands”, the video provides a general overview of what lies in wait on the archipelago that makes up the game’s playground.

And playground is probably the most apt way to describe the islands. The clip gives you a glimpse of the vehicles at your disposal, as well as some of the local fauna that’ll be trying to eat your face. I’m really glad that they’ve included a mini ecosystem in the game, with predators hunting other animals; wildlife in games always seems so fake without that. Also, there are iguanas, which means Far Cry 3 will automatically get a flawless review score.

The game is looking great, and after recently getting a good look at it during gamescom, I’m excited to get stuck in. Hit the jump for the first Island Survival Guide; that gorgeous water certainly does turn a delightful shade of red once the sharks appear.


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