Today I learnt about a game called Lifeless Planet

Oh Kickstarter, you hold a treasure trove of gaming wonders waiting to be discovered. Every now and then, however, you get to discover one of those gaming wonders that’s already seen a successful Kickstarter campaign, which is the case for me with Lifeless Planet. The game ended up with more than double the amount of money originally requested… nearly a year ago! Yep, this Kickstarter started back in September 2011, nearly six months before Tim Schafer and Double Fine hit the Kickstarter jackpot.

Lifeless Planet is being made by David Board, who is “primarily a one man team”. The game is about an astronaut who is sent to explore a newly discovered planet for any signs of life. While wondering around the very atmospheric dustbowl, he discovers an abandoned Russian laboratory and is then saved from a deadly phenomenon by a mysterious woman called Aelita. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Board has pointed towards games like The Dig, Another World and ICO as his influences. In a way, Lifeless Planet will pay homage to those hallmarks of the adventure game genre. The game is currently pegged for a July 2013 release, but that’s by no means concrete. Hit the jump for a gameplay trailer.


As you can see, the game will blend exploration with puzzle elements. The healthy dose of atmosphere is what’s caught my attention though; I’m a sucker for games that can evoke a sense of abandonment and isolation.

The game is heading to PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend, where it will be featured on the Kickstarter Arcade booth. That booth is run by Kickstarter, which hand-picks the games they want to show off in public shows like PAX.

You can check out the game’s very quiet Kickstarter page here – just don’t ogle the Aelita figurine backer reward as I’m guessing the chance of getting one of those has now well and truly passed. Alternatively you can head on over here to see the project’s official webpage.

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