Double Fine’s upcoming game heads to iOS

Before Double Fine’s Kickstarter for a new adventure game, the developer indicated that they would be focusing their efforts on producing smaller, downloadable titles. Since then we’ve received games like Costume Quest and Stacking. Now, Double Fine is making the jump to Apple’s iOS platforms with Middle Manager of Justice.

Anyone who has played isometric management games like Game Dev Story will be familiar with what Double Fine has in store. You’ll take on the role of a middle management recruit in a company that handles super heroes. It’ll be up to you to recruit new heroes, make sure they’re trained and happy, but most importantly you’ll need to make sure they get to their assigned crime scenes on time.

The game will feature eight super heroes, who you’ll be able to collect as trading card in the game. There’ll also be a host of villains to thwart, not that you’ll be doing any of that seeing as you’ll be too busy running the super hero office anyway.

The game will carry with it Double Fine’s trademark humour as well as a rather fetching cartoon style presentation. As great as this sounds, the caveat is that it appears as if the lure of in-app purchases has managed to snare Double Fine. In order to purchase rooms, train super heroes faster and generally get things done, you’ll need to spend a currency called “Superium”. You’ll obviously be able to generate Superium in the game, but you’ll also be able to spend real-world money on Superium bundles via in-app purchases in order to progress faster.

Middle Manager of Justice will be free-to-play, however Double Fine is insisting that the game will never present you with a “ceiling” preventing your progress until you cough-up actual money.

Check out the debut trailer below; the game looks great and with influences like TV series The Office, Middle Manager of Justice just might be another gem from one of the most loved contemporary developers.


If you want to read more about the game then head over to Kotaku, which already has an extensive hands-on preview. Alternatively check out the reveal blog update here and the game’s official website here.

Source: Kotaku