About a month or so back I reported that the Ivy Bridge Core i3 chips from Intel were releasing in about ten days. Ten days later, nothing happened. Ten more days later, there was less happening than the ten days before that. It now looks like the company was waiting on AMD’s pricing structure before saying anything. I’ve already confirmed that several local suppliers will be getting stock of these chips within the next two days.

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A few of the new chips are actually Sandy Bridge models and may have had their model numbers changed to keep things more simple. Some have also dropped in price to counter AMD’s Piledriver APU parts. The Celeron G465, G550T and G555 are Sandy Bridge chips with a lower TDP and higher clocks than their predecessors.

The new Pentium range is a mixture of the two existing architectures. The Ivy Bridge-based Pentium G2100T and the G2120 replace the pld G870 and G860T models, boasting the same clock speeds but improving performance with some minor architecture improvements. TDP’s are also down, but the G2100T will likely be the better value chip for those of you concerned about using as little power as possible. The G645 and the G645T are based on Sandy Bridge architecture and merely cut down on prices for value-seeking system builders. Being priced at $64, they’re going to be a hit with budget gamers.

The new Core i3 chips are all Ivy Bridge parts and fall under the 55W TDP envelope rather easily. The Core i3-3220 will be the gamer’s choice at $117 and will likely show off the existing Core i3-2120 with ease. Even the ultra-low voltage processors in the form of the C0re i3-3220T and the i3-3240T will beat AMD’s offerings around the ears with higher per-watt performance. All Core i3 chips use the HD2500 graphics core with the exception of the i3-3225, packing a HD4000 GPU and likely being a binned quad-core chip that didn’t make the cut.

The Core i5 family gets a few newcomers which aim to capture markets looking for cheaper quad-core chips than the ones currently available. The Core i5-3550P comes with a disabled GPU (for no reason that I can discern, other than that Intel can) and the i5-3335S comes with the HD4000 graphics core. If you were looking for a new rig but were waiting for some announcements, this month will be the one to start looking at your options.

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