The double-teaming of Nvidia and Intel’s latest products should bring big headaches to AMD’s PR and engineering team – they’ve been had in a big way and its going to be a big scrabble to get even the Radeon lineup to anything close to the efficiency of Kepler. I remember remarking to a friend a while ago that the only reason 1500W power supplies existed was to power triple and quad-Crossfire rigs. With Kepler, even dual GTX690s can be serviced by a 1100W PSU with ease. That kind of efficiency is insane, ladies and gentlemen. That kind of insanity only deserves more insanity (in a Bonnie and Clyde way, just without the murder and mayhem).

Luckily the new Razer Blade is exactly the kind of insanity that’s needed. 

The original Razer Blade had to run underpowered components because of the heat issues of previous-generation hardware that Razer crammed into the insanely thin gaming lappie. The heat coolers had to be redesigned and things needed to be moved or tossed as they made room for that insanely cool keyboard. The new one still keeps the ten LCD keys and updates the touch-sensitive LCD panel with LED backlighting. It looks fantastic.

As for the chassis, its now as thin as most Ultrabooks, measuring only 2.2cm from the widest parts. The Blade eschews the DVD drive as the laptop market migrates to the post-optical disc world and also adopts an all-aluminium chassis in the same vein as the Apple Macbooks. The Blade has no traditional trackpad, choosing to rather use the touch screen instead for the better sensitivity.

Razer specifies the Blade with an Ivy Bridge Intel Quad-core processor, Nvidia’s GT660M 2GB DDR5, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1080p-packing 17.3″ screen and a 500GB SATA hard drive with a 64GB cache SSD. While the OS hasn’t been specified, its likely to be Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate, with Windows 8 coming pre-loaded on the Blade in 2013. This actually raises an interesting question: if the Blade uses a touch-screen instead of a trackpad (and its the only laptop that currently does), does this means that Windows 8 will detect it as having the same input as a tablet, thereby simplifying the way you can zoom around the Windows 8 interface by just swiping at the edges of the screen?

Will someone buy it for me to test? I’ll bring it to rAge for a show-off, pinkie promise.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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