Ubisoft has had a tumultuous couple of years with PC gamers. Most (but not all!) Ubisoft PC games are slathered in the French publisher’s stickiest of sticky DRM methods: requiring a permanent Internet connection. Over the past few months, Ubisoft has been quietly removing DRM requirements from their PC games, but some (like From Dust for example) still require you to play the game through that superfluous uPlay client.

Ubisoft has since issued an official statement saying that all future Ubisoft PC games will no longer feature overzealous DRM methods. Basically, they’re making official what has been happening surreptitiously already – not that we’re complaining or anything. According to Ubisoft’s statement, all PC games will only require “a one-time online activation” and then after that you can play the game offline forever. You can also install the game on any number of PCs, so those unfair limited install tokens are a thing of the past. Now all they need to do is admit that uPlay sucks, and then expunge it from reality forever.

Fairly recently, Ubisoft’s boss-man Yves Guillemot proclaimed that 95% of PC gamers are pirates. Perhaps this helped Ubisoft realise that the only thing their PC DRM was doing, was shafting the 5% of people who actually paid for their games?

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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