Maybe these are going to be weekly trailers as we lead up to the game’s launch at the end of November? I kind of hope not, because with a continual barrage of marketing that regular, there’ll be nothing new to discover once the game actually comes out. OK that’s a lie; I’m really just whining because the game is still so far away.

Ubisoft has released a second Island Survival Guide for Far Cry 3. If you missed the first one, you can find it over here. This second episode is subtitled “Psychopaths, Drugs and Other Dangers” but really should have been called “Guns, Guns, a Bear in a Cage, S**t Blowing up and OH GOD A CROCODILE’S EATING HIS ARM!” Yeah, I’m expecting a phone call with a job offer from Ubisoft marketing any day now. Aaaaany day.

Hit the jump to hear this week’s one-liner from Agent Huntley. It’s even more lame than last week, but I think he’s starting to grow on me. It’s like he’s channeling Horatio Caine, which clearly means he’s awesome.


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